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Owner/Management Thread

Owner/Management Thread

Vote and tell your fellow fans why the team and fans would or would not be better off under new ownership.

It takes a winner to know a winner and the Yorks have proven themselves to be world class NFL LOSERS ala the Detroit Lions, Browns, Bills, Raiders and other perpetual 1st draft pick lottery contestants. They are good people, but they have no clue when it comes to picking the right people for the job and building a winning organization.

Since their takeover this franchise has been stuck in the eternal rebuilding mode and all they have to show for it is 9 losing seasons and only 2 playoff appearances. The best the 49ers will ever be under the York ownership is mediocre. They will never hire the right people to run a football franchise. They are the west coast version of the Ford family.
i say YES if the team still stays in the Bay Area.
What happened to your queer party friends?

SEVEN losing seasons in a row. We should just forget the 5 Super Bowls of prior, it's a disgrace to the past when anyone even mentions them.
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The team will never win with bad ownershoip folks don't really wan tto discuss it b/c it's the facts and painful.
Omg Yes I do because our vote matters....

lets actually discuss something that could be a reality. Yorks are not going to sell and Eddie isn't coming back (as much as we all want him).

I don't see them as being the problem. For NT they are just convenient whipping boys after losses and they get forgotten after wins.
Absolutely, but it is not going to happen.

If John York would just hand the team over to Jed totally and keep his nose out of 49er business then, I say no.

Otherwise, I say yes.
Yes they dont care about winning
LOL.. convenient timing on asking this question. People are sure to answer this poll using a non biased choice, free of emotion right after we're eliminated from playoff contention.
do the yorkies even watch the games?
i cant believe some ppl in here voted NO these are the York type fans the ones that dont care if we win or not

i wish we could rid of those type of fans along with those sh*tty owners we have had it seems like a eternity with these lames in charge.
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