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Isaac Bruce: Should Sing play him vs Rams?

Good for Bruce if that's what he wanted. I personally don't really care becuase never liked Bruce as 49er.
YES, HE SHOULD PLAY! I was wondering why a future Hall of famer would not be allowed to go out on his own terms; especially playing against his former team AT HOME. That is a no brainer, if this would not have been done I would definitely question the Niners oraganization as a whole. If Bruce on the other hand just flat out refused the gesture then that is a different story. GO NINERS and thank you for the two years Mr. Bruce. Enjoy the applause and the adulation buddy; you deserved it. God bless.

Issac Bruce helped build that house.
Why not? It's not like the guy has been a cancer for out team this year, he quietly accepted his demotion, we are not in the playoff hunt anymore, let him catch 10 passes as far as I care.
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Wow Josh Morgan is f**king awesome.
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Originally posted by crzy:
Wow Josh Morgan is f**king awesome.

Agreed, Morgan is da man. I totally agree with Morgan if this does turn out to be his last game, you don't want it to be DNP-Inactive.
Where is the poll???
IT's called R E S P E C T, I'm all for it, even though I hated the guy thoroughly when he ran wild at the Stick on several occasions. I would never say bruuuce, that is for plain ol.. never mind!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!! It's 2pm here on the 31st, almost time to get started!!!

Hope he plays and scores
Bruce has accomplished so much in the NFL. It would be a good show of appreciation for all he's done for the game of football and for his former team. I also think that he should lead the team out on the field for his last hurrah. The NFL is a brotherhood and he had gained the respect of his
collegues. Let him end his career the right way and end it where he started. His career has come full circle. Hats off to Isaac Bruce. Former enemy now a 49er. If it were Rice we wod expect the same.

I hope he catches a pass, and then Rams fans give him a final "Bruceeeeeeee". Did they do that last year?
MS should start him and let him get a td.
as much as i dont like the guy, its only right that he get to play even start he has had a HOF career
he def deserves the right to end his career by playing his last game where it all began for him
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