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MNF/Jaws and Young break down Smith.. my opinion and expertese..

Originally posted by Dshearn:
Smith is makeing time now.

Something he could not do before.

Out of the shotgun he is beating the blitz with his arm.

His new found protection has.more to do with his production then the oline.

He is more responsible for how teams defend him then teams trying to exploit the line.

It's why I laugh when people say insert HOF qb in this offense and he would suck too..... defenses don't dare HOF qbs to beat.them with easy man on man defenses that those overload blitzs create

I don't think that one person has suggested that inserting a HoF player at Starter in this Shotgun/Spread Offense would make them suck.

What has been said MANY times (and I have to agree with this sentiment) is that in the IForm as a Power Run team, they would be having problems too.

So I'm not sure where you're going with this, but...


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Excellent post. I feel Sith is our QB in 2010. I also think we must start to groom Nate the Skate to be the #2 QB.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
He still needs to work on taking snaps from under center and making reads there. Hes been solid in gun formation, but our running game becomes predictable the more times we're in the gun.

Ah! Ding! Ding!Ding!Ding!Ding!

This is the answer. Reading a defense from under center and throwing the short pass accurately without locking on to the hot-read (receiver).

This has not been done effectively for all of Smith's career because (I think) for the following reasons:

1) Smith has had too many changes at QB coach and OC to establish timing and a help with mechanics - not just footwork but looking the LB or safety off and throwing the ball quickly and on-time.

2) Changes at OC combined with changes at WR means he's not established any chemistry with his receiver. Throwing a deep come-back/slant route on time while looking off a CB, LB or a FS/SS (whoever is in coverage). Chemistry and confidence that your receiver will (a) run the proper route and (b) catch the ball and not let it hit him in the hands for a possible interception.

3) Understanding Smith's passing strengths - he is a intermediate passer. His intermediate, seam passes are undefendable when thrown on time one-on-one, usually to Davis. He can hit this pass in his sleep over and over with uncanny accuracy. This is the reason why Davis leads the league for TE in TDs - this pass.

4) OL doesn't provide enough protection for Smith to drop back from CENTER 5 or 7 stepper, provide passing lanes and throw with accuracy on a consistent basis. The OGs are so bad that they are often beat at the LOS and preventing Smith from "stepping up". Notice that he tends to drift to his right because the OGs are getting destroyed.

Turner said it best - Smith is good if you do the things he can do well and marginalize the things he can't. Asking him to be a short-passing game QB isn't going to work out well. Any OC who insists on this is going to get burned until Smith has more time to work on this part of his game. I've said this before in other threads. If Smith can get his short passing game stabilized, he'll be in the top 8 QBs in the league because his intermediate passing game is off the charts currently.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Excellent post. I feel Sith is our QB in 2010. I also think we must start to groom Nate the Skate to be the #2 QB.

Didn't know that someone in the team joined the dark side...

Originally posted by bigmur49:
i AGREE with most OF what YOU say but the JURY will be out on SMITH until at least THE end of the SEASON. COMPARING him TO Favre and WARNER does not do us a lot of GOOD. ALSO saying that he HAS 2 TD passes when we get to TURNOVERS INSIDE their 20 is NOT A powerful STAT.

Originally posted by King49er:
Everything we did on MNF was a complete fluke lol


Mad props to you, Dog.
Originally posted by endcapitalism:
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
I love how people on these boards think they know what a players potential will end up as. How do you know Smith won't continue to improve? How do you know he will? Every bit of this is pure speculation and not worth much. The important thing is that he has improved and there is every reason to believe that this trend will continue now that we have competent QB coaching and a little stability. Is Smith going to lead us to a Superbowl...who the f**k really knows? Anyone that tries to claim they have the answer to that question is completely full of s**t as well as a colossal jackass. I am not so arrogant to think that I know the answer to this question, I only try to be optimistic about my team.

When I started reading your post I was thankful for a bit of reality and common sense, then you go and do the same thing that you're complaining about. "The important thing is that he has improved and there is every reason to believe that this trend will continue now that we have competent QB coaching and a little stability." That statement is pure BS for the same reason you called others out for.
If there is every reason to believe Smith will improve please list some. I'm not sure how you can evaluate the QB coaching. Is the little stability the belief that Raye will be the OC next year?

Until I see Smith throw something other than a tight rope, I can't believe he will ever be more than average. I would love to see Smith shine. He is certainly good enough now to fill the role until the 9ers can develop the next QB (Davis?).

I am saying that we do not know how good he will be, but he is much improved and I think the QB coach has done a good job with his mechanics. When I said that we do not know where he will top out, that is what I meant. Not one of us knows what Smith's ceiling is, I never said that he was going to become the next (insert random QB name). The statement is pretty clear...The "every reason to think he will continue to improve" is what I stated right after those exact ambiguity there. A good way to tell if a QB coach is doing a good job is if his QB improves his play, that's pretty simple to understand. There is nothing complicated or hard to understand about what I posted. I will also add the following.

1) Yes, I think Raye will be the OC next year.

2) I also think that if he goes into the preseason as the starter, he and the other skill players will have better chemistry and these timing mistakes that are happening with Smith and his targets will be fewer and far between.

Lastly Smith has made some passes that only very good QB's can throw. The TD pass that Crabtree dropped vs. the Jags was a thing of beauty, as was the sideline TD to Gore. He has shown much better accuracy and touch since he came in this year. I guess you haven't been paying close attention to the games. The thing we need from him now is consistency. He has showed me that he can make plays, now I just want to see him do it on a regular basis.
Originally posted by oldninerdude:
Originally posted by King49er:
Everything we did on MNF was a complete fluke lol


Mad props to you, Dog.
Originally posted by 49ersnum1:
thanks!! people please post in response to the title.. I want EVERYONES take if they think Smith is the guy, Smith fan or Smith critic.. Tired of the 300yd posts, the Smith sucks posts or Smiths god posts!! just keep a consistent thread that everyone can have an opinion and take on..

Smith's the guy for at least 1 more year.
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He'll have the same OC and a whole offseason with the weapons as the starter. This will be HUGE for him. He was inaccurate the other night but overall I still think he just needs some more game time reps (I think MNF was his most inaccurate game since he's been our starter, if that's a bad game, I'll take it). I think he is playing pretty well considering he hadn't started in the NFL for almost 2 years then got put back in as the starter.

With an improved o-line and an entire offseason his under center game should get better Hopefully we'll have an oline that can run block to take pressure off of him. He'll have an entire offseason with VD, Crabs, Gore and the gang and he'll have the same the OC for the first time ever. I'm ok with his progression so far.

Also, saw this stat on ESPN that shows Smith has the longest streak with at least 2 TDs in the NFL only behind Brees. Not bad.

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