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No, for the last time he's not going to become a HC. He just became a defensive coordinator 2 years ago, how could he possibly be ready to become a HC at this point? The niners D has only been decent to good for only one year, so it's not like Manusky is some coaching guru either.

As has been mentioned, McCarthy got an interview and the GB HC job coming off leading the 32nd ranked offense. Turner got the SD HC job after leading an offense in the mid-20's. There have been coaches who have been position coaches that have gotten HC jobs (e.g. Singletary, Harbaugh). So, its possible if just 1 team falls in love with him.
Go look up McCarthy's credentials. He was already well established before coming to SF, and everyone knew we had no players in '05. Turner has been established for years. Singletary was hired because he's a HOF, was an assistant coach for us so long, and we had nothing to lose by giving him a tryout. I know nothing about Harbaugh's case though.

I know McCarthy's credentials and what they were at the time but how often does a coordinator get a HC job when the unit he led finished last and was significantly behind #31? Can you think of any other example that is close?

Yeah, Turner had established that he was a good OC and a not so good HC. Even he said he didn't expect to get another HC job in the NFL.

Your reasoning on Singletary is pretty weak. So, if he was not a HOF player he wouldn't have been hired? I don't recall ever seeing that as a reason. He was only an assistant here for 3 1/2 years. Its not like he had been here 10 years. The 49ers had a lot to lose, including stalling the franchise the next 3-4 years if they picked wrong. And, lets not forget, he almost got the Atlanta job the before the 2008 season.

Harbaugh was Philly's Special Teams Coach before becoming Baltimore's HC.

b/c our team was garbage. One bad year on a historically untalented team does not wipe out his previous years of success. Again, he was also hired because he was Favre's QB coach at one time, and GB needed a motivational factor for him not to retire.

So what if he's been mediocre? That didn't stop everyone else from hiring him, and AJ wanted to work with someone he got along with. He once again proved he was a talented OC on our untalented team, so it showed he had not lost his touch.

Singletary is special, because we saw first hand what he was capable of. The niners had nothing to lose by giving him the reigns in '08. All those concerns you mentioned were meant to be addressed by making him temporary HC and seeing what he was capable of. We knew the players liked him, so it was a chance to see if he could be an effective coach. The results in '08 speak for themselves.

One more thing, if you remember, Singletary was the go to guy to interview under the Rooney rule. It's just that he was so good at his interviews, he actually surprised owners enough to consider hiring him. I remember Jerry Jones giving Singletary many compliments after Singletary wowed him.

McCarthy...okay, but you dodged the question...can you name any other instance where a team hires a coordinator to be a first time HC when the unit he led had just finished last in the league? It just doesn't happen because teams want the "hot" coordinator. Even the prior year, McCarthy wasn't up for any HC jobs, he was up for OC jobs and chose to go with Nolan and the 49ers. If he wasn't up for any HC jobs, the year before the 49ers offense finished 32nd, it would seem unlikely he would get a HC job after leading the worst offense in the league.

Turner...no one has ever questioned Turner as an OC so Turner showing he was still a good OC didn't matter. Before going to SD, he had not been a successful HC in 2 different stops. Its rare that a coach gets a third shot as a HC after failing twice...and, like I said, at the time he was hired, I believe Turner said he didn't think there would be any more HC jobs in his future.

Singletary...okay, but now you've changed your argument...before you said it was because he was a HOF'er and because he had been an assistant coach here for "so long." If you're saying he got the job because he did a good job taking over for Nolan, I don't disagree. But, the point of this was whether Manusky could get HC opportunities after being the DC here for a couple of years. Singletary was never a coordinator and almost got the Falcons job before the '08 season.

Then, there's always the Harbaugh example. I don't believe Jim Caldwell was a coordinator either or at least no time recently, though he has been with the Colts since Dungy initially got there.

I'm not dodging anything and I didn't change my argument. I told you exactly why McCarthy got hired, same with Turner. I only put in the HOF as part of Singletary's credentials, it was never a focal point of my arrangement, but you seem to have latched on it. He was hired based on his performance as HC last year.

The reason I don't think Manusky will get a job as a HC this year, is because he's too inexperienced and hasn't coached a terrific defense. If the niners continue to get better next year, then maybe then we should get concerned. I can't comment on other coaches who I know nothing about, so there isn't anything for me to talk about concerning Harbaugh.

Well, if I read you correctly, it shouldn't matter if the defense isn't "great" given that in both cases it will be much better than McCarthy's and Turner's 49er offenses. Afterall, remember, McCarthy didn't get a sniff about a HC job before the GB job when his offenses were good to very good but not great.

As to Manusky's "inexperience" as a coordinator, Mike Tomlin had exactly 1 year as a DC with Minnesota in 2006 before getting the Steeler's HC job. And, of course, he has more coordinator experience than Singletary has.

Harbaugh was the Eagles ST coordinator for 9 years and their DB coach of 1 year before being hired by the Ravens.

Look, I doubt Manusky leaves this year to be a HC but he may get interviews and if he blows someone away in the interview, it wouldn't be unprecedented for him to get a HC job.

Again you're picking and choosing. Look at the WHOLE picture rather than repeatedly switching from one element to the other. McCarthy was a good OC, he was on an all time horrible team, and Favre wanted him. My only issue is that you seem to think McCarthy, Turner, and Singletary becoming HCs somehow translates into Manusky following the same path. All their situations are different, and I think I've pointed it out quite clearly. Will Manusky become a HC one day? Maybe, but I very much doubt it will happen this year.

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