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Going to game tonight!!! need help...

My girlfriend got me and her tickets to the game tonight for my birthday!!! I am so stoked!!! We are gonna take the Bart there so we can skip Monday traffic, I remember I have taken a bus to the game before but I don't remember where it picks up... Can someone who knows the schedule and locations of all this help me out? I need to know what bart stop to get off on and where the bus will be... hopefully there is one for Monday night games!! Thanks everyone... GO NINERS!!!
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If you take Bart to the Balboa Park stop, there will be express buses outside that go right to Candlestick, just follow the crowds wearing 9er gear outside the station
make the place rock! thats all I gotta say.
Originally posted by darkknight49:
make the place rock! thats all I gotta say.

my voice will be gone don't worry... I'll take pics and post them I guess the seats are pretty good and lower reserve! I can't wait
You're lucky to have such a good woman. Have a great time and yell, loudly!
Have fun , we will be watching and cheering ! Make it loud for Arizona ! Go Niners !
If I don't hear you screaming on my TV I'm coming after you!

Make some noise!
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have fun mr. lucky...i hope my wife reads this and feels ashamed of not
doing the same thing for me... lol...
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