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What do you think about T.O. wanting to come back???

Reading this i was blown away, but yet not surprised. Then again for awhile I have thought myself that he may think of coming back due to success here. Ive thought of this for the last 2-3 years. He has never played better then with the Niners, and with Garcia.
Isnt there another thread about this?
Screw that over the hill jackass. Buffalo is a great place for him, that is unless the raiders want him.
Hes prob just realizing now that he should of stayed with the niners. I would take him in a heartbeat! Come home TO!!!!!
Originally posted by pelos21:
Isnt there another thread about this?

Tell you the truth, i woke up read the article and posted. If its out already, my bad. Didnt see it on the list here so i posted.
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Seriously, if he came back, that would be awesome!
I looked and didnt see another thread about this subject. I think bringing in T.O. would be awesome. Diva or not he's got serious skills and had a great career in SF. Just the fact that Crabtree could learn alot from him would be great. We would have 2 serious
threats playing them both. I for one am totally for this , but doubt it would happen
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He no longer has the skills to make it worth putting up with his crap.
No I wouldn't want TO back at this time. He seems to lost any passion for football. Didn't really help Buffalo, when he could have made something of it to help them out.

Only chance to have him back here is to make sure the dude stays in through ALL the camps and show us he's serious about football and getting chemistry with his teammates to make a difference when regular season comes around. But that probably not going to happen. As it is right now it seems like he may still has some of the talent left but decided to cruise along on his last leg of his career. We have young guys we rather develop than have TO doing the cruising on our team.
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