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Crabtree not taking blame

He's 100% right. The "diva" stuff starts when drama queens make a big deal out of nothing.
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sorry susweel, but this a terrible thread

Its ok man, not everyone will agree with it. The thread is about accountability and not throwing your QB under the bus like that. Crabs needs to learn how to be a professional and not pass the blame. Also saying "I aint going out like that" he basically admitted to ducking.

I agree its not a big deal that he said it. Its also not a big deal to discuss it.

Hey sus im with you bro! i dont think i could imagine Frank or Patrick ever not being accountable. hell even Alex took blame for what he did wrong.

I understand the whole being accountable for the drops, which 6 of his 7 recorded drops were his fault.

The one drop not his fault, IMO, was the pass in Seattle. It was behind him and wasn't going to catch it b/c it was a timed route and Alex threw early. Crabtree should've been looking, but that will improve with experience and getting used to working with smith.

I agree with you. That drop i dont really pin on him. but he sounded like it was incredulous that he had any drops at all. Either way id chalk it more up to rookie pride than anything else. He was the greatest in college, its the NFL hes gonna make a lotat mistakes. hell learn.
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BE HONEST FOLKS...if any of YOU guys was on MC shoes that day ..would you have honestly caught that ball?? I dont care what he says if he can back it up everyweek by playing well thats coo wid me...and TO 2.0? you gotta be kidding me ..dont compare a WR to a cancer...totally diff...

T.O. 2.0 is a compliment when addressing Michael Crabtree. T.O. wasn't the one that ducked a pass in the middle of the field between 2 defenders and actually won his team the game.

i dont think he ment it as a compliment he did say " its going to get worsed TO 2.0" that dont sound like a compliment to me...yo go watch that play on youtube...the play young threw to TO is way diff...young threw it right to TO ...Alex threw it behind MC with a safety commin towards him...i think the VD play was more catchable BUT thats a diff story.

I didnt mean it like that, I know he meant it as a diss... but I'm saying comparing Michael Crabtree to as a RESPECTABLE player ON THE FIELD as T.O is a compliment when the highlight of Crabtree's career thus far is a Brandon Lloyd-esque cower in the middle of the endzone when he could've won the game with a catch that T.O would have at least attempt, and probably would have made.

The fact of the matter is, if Crabtree was to try and make the play on the ball, he easily could have. Underthrow, overthrow, it doesnt matter. Crabtree ducked the pass from Alex Smith. If Steve Young, Brett Favre, Dan Marino was throwing that pass, it would've been identical. He put it where Crabtree could make a play, and Crabtree decided to flake out.

the highlight of his career is when he missed that pass?
then what's a lowlight?
you are mentally challenged, he has a TD and a lot of yards, that means a drop can't be his highlight
of course if you don't like him and want him to fail, then seeing him miss a pass might very well be a highlight for you

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lol Man, you guys always have to have something to freak out about. It isn't whining, it's just DRAMA. You guys have to have DRAMA.

Crabtree a diva.....?? I don't get it.
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