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The truth of which type of offense scores more

Originally posted by Joecool:
You guys are blind.

Average points per game with 5.5 games with Hill:


Average points per game with 6.5 games with Smith:


I included Alexs Houston half.

I still think Smith should start, but this spread B.S. is what it is, B.S., especially this
Double TE I am not going to run the ball offense is a Joke.

We need to get our best receivers out there.

And to think, we didn't have Crabs then and Gore was out for 3 games.

Blind I tell ya!

Joe , I know you have to be smarter than this.......When you count all the drop passes we would be scoring more . And Joe, Hill is on the bench and is going to stay there , so just get over it or like another team .

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Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by el_hektor:
we haven't lost 4 straight games since switching over to raye-gun...

Whatever makes you feel better. Our opponents are scoring more because they are getting more possessions because of the "Raye Gun".

WTF with Hill we were 3 and out ! Joe , read your post and you will see how silly they are ....Another award winning post from you once again .....

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Originally posted by darkknight49:
i think your math is a bit off, excluding the 21 defensive pts from the Rams game and the 7 pts from ST in Minn. All pts are from offensive scoring only.

Hill: 5.5 games
20 + 23 + 24 + 35 + 10 + 0 - 21 defensive pts - 7 ST pts = 84 pts
84/5.5 = 15.27 pts/game

Smith: 6.5 Games
21 + 14 + 27 + 10 + 24 + 20 + 17 = 133 pts
133/6.5 = 20.46 pts/game

Smith has not had the luxury of defensive and ST points. Those aspects of a team help make it complete. As we can see, this team is better offensively, but its not a complete team yet.

Freakin OWNED!!!

Joe your hatred toward Smith, especially in light of his OBVIOUS improvement game by game, is going to keep you chastized and your opinion disregarded even more then it already is if you keep it up. It's like Kriz and his Vernon hate, nobody listens to a word he says on the subject any longer unless they are looking for an argument.

YOU ARE WRONG. OUR OFFENSE IS BETTER WITH SMITH THAN IT WAS WITH HILL. Get over it dude before you blow what little cerdibility you have left.

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I can't even believe we're having this discussion. The offense is light years ahead of where its been in years and anyone who doesn't see that is blind.
I just want a balanced offense. I'd love to see a more aggressive offense though, one that attacks. I'd like to see us use all aspects on offense: Play-action, shotgun, I-formation,Spread, trick plays, and tank.

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lol joe just cannot be wrong
Originally posted by footballxpaul:
lol joe just cannot be wrong

It's part of his master plan remember?
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Originally posted by footballxpaul:
lol joe just cannot be wrong

It's part of his master plan remember?

Well Alex did have another good game.

Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
Your argument is retarded

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