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7 Losses! 6 of them by TD or Less! We Can't Finish!

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Originally posted by DaFaro49ers:
than how do you explain, the fumbles, the Drops! thats on the players. I put this loss on the players, but maybe one of our previous losses on the coaching staff.
WE NEED TO UTILIZE GORE MORE THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I love our passing Attack, but our best Offensive weapon is GORE, and he's no where to be found. its pathetic,.,

Did you guys hear what Jim Mora said about Gore after the game?

That falls on the coachs.

You must practice with the intent of reaching perfection on every play.

Even though you can never reach perfection, you will never even come close if you don't even try.

I think I read that in Bill Walsh's leadership book. Nice quote.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
We have a horrific coach with terrible game planning and time management. He costs us in close games. A good motivator but a loser coach.

~ Call timeout the first play...

~ Go on 4th instead of kicking the field goal. Wind up with nothing (-3).

~ Run a reverse on a return when your team is ahead and in control. Give them 7. (-7).

This guy is simply horrific. We can't ever win with him.

In his defense, going for it on 4th and Goal was the correct call -- just got totally screwed by the refs.
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