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49ers vs Hawks Round Two '09

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see you next year!
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The Heist, The payoff, The Zebras!

Good game hawks fan, you got lucky! We beat ourselves, the hawks didnt beat us.

Sums up our year.

Wrong, our coaches beat us. By s**tty playcalling. Why were we doing man to man defense, with no safety help ESPECIALLY on the side where the new guy from the LIONS was covering someone one on one???

Get these coaches out of SF

The coaches count as "we." And it's not just the s**tty playcalling, it's the discipline, missed tackles, and dropped passes.
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hawks fan.. who u rootin for next monday??

The vikings disappointed me last night but I am still rooting for the 49ers next monday. The more losses the cards get the better. It still gives our teams a shot. But if it gets down to us fighting eachother for a spot in a wildcard chase I think it will be pretty obvious where my allegiance will be. But until that happens, good luck to you.
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Originally posted by teeohh:
see you next year!
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