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We aren't there yet.

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Offensively and Defensively we are 1-2 players away from being a really good team. We just don't seem to have enough to get over the hump.

Today: Offensively, guys were dropping balls all day. Crabtree, Vernon and Delanie Walker all dropped TD passes, especially when we needed them the most.

It's not their time yet.

I think we should be a spread team and our offense is dangerous. BUT YOU CAN'T ABANDON THE RUN!

The Seahawks are laughing because they didn't use Frank Gore like we have in the past. They were saying, Why the F would you do that? Thanks Sing.

I believe we need a LG. Another RB to complement Gore. (Speed Demon, ala CJ Spiller) and a Super Fast WR to compliment Crabs and Morgan.

I think Alex can be the QB of this team.


Our secondary is Garbage.

We have the best front seven in a 3-4 scheme in football. Dashon Goldson just blindly dives into anything and anyone that moves. Can't tackle worth a damn. We need One Dominant Safety (Eric Berry or Taylor Mays) to beef up our secondary. Maybe even another cornerback.

I don't know who that CB Smith was on that last drive. But I have no Idea what he was in there. W T F? He got burned by a nobody.

We could also benefit from a dominant pass rusher (julius peppers anyone?)

Special Teams:

We are in desperate need of a KR/PR. Brandon Jones should not only be stripped of that duty, but he should probably be cut. What a waste of a roster space. I'd take Zeigs over him any day.

Coach Sing:

Needs to prepare better. Why can't we figure out how to be balanced. You can over-run the football and you can't run the spread the whole game, why can't we find something in the middle?

Use his timeouts properly. 3 T.O.s in the 1st quarter, is just plain retarded.

We are not where we need to be. If we continue to progress, get some extra playmakers. This team can be a 4CE.

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The niners could be great, i hope they make the necessary changes this offseason.
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