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One thing that seems to be consistent with this team is ...

we don't look prepared.
And that's 12 games into the season now.
We are making stupid penalties, we take TO for no reason, WR drop a lot of passes, blown coverage in the secondary, special teams playing preseason football and so on
That's the biggest thing that concerns me
Motivation is one thing that helped the Sing regime in the beginning but right now it is showing it's limitations : it's simply not enough
He doesn't seemed to be surrendered with great coaches
I think this team as potential but you are what you are and all together we look like a 5-7 team right now
I'm not very optimistic unless we have a great draft and sign one or two impact player with FA
This coaching staff needs that cos they (with some players) just show their limitations week in and week out
Type a sentence, press return, type a sentence, press return
Plain & simple this team CANT finish a game

this is what happens when u have a young team without really no veteran leadership.

dunno, the team look pretty prepared against Indy. And Minn. And Jax. Thats about it tho.
I prefer bad spelling over these sentagraphs.
I missed the start of the game, but I heard we called a time out before the first series? If thats true then thats not being prepared....
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