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Not blaming Alex just disgusted with some fans

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I wasn't blaming Alex for the loss...he was incredible today except for the 3rd and 3 where he threw it deep...

I'm just upset with the fans on here obsessed with Alex Smith throwing for 300 yards!! Get your priority's straight! Wins are more important than Stats!!!!!
this will get locked to probably. your point is dumb. everybody here wants us to win more than him getting 300. shut up.
  • Adman
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Why start threads where you complain about when Alex is going to throw for 300 yards?

What does 300 yards mean? Does it make you special?
Yeah, Adman
The logic is that if he throws for 300, we more than likely would win. Get off your soap box my man.
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This point has/is being made in several other threads.
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