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What to look forward to now as 49er fans



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free agency in march is the next thing to look forward to, hopefully the niners do something this time.

Yes indeed. Good free agent pick ups, and cut away some fat.....Roman, to name one.

Free agents seldom yield good value.
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Our playoff chances are pretty much done as of today. For us 49er fans, what can we look forward to for the remaining of the season and on. What will happen to the coaching staff going forward? How will Smith continue to develop? Can we get Gore more integrated?

That is not true at all. Coach Singletary assure the ownership and senior management after the game that we are in excellent shape to win the NFC. His speech was very moving, the ownership and all members of the senior management were totally motivated to prepare for the pending playoff games.

cardinals are not gonna go lower than 10-6
best we can do is 9-7

after today ill be suprised if were 7-9
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after today ill be suprised if were 7-9

7-9 is very possible with Detroit and St. Louis as the last 2 games.

I'm looking forward to seeing Mark Roman on waivers.

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The Draft and Eric Berry.
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I know I do
Scot getting fired and getting an agressive GM to get all the players we need to actually win these kind of games.
you can look forward to another wasted season for the rest of this year
Like every year since 03' same thing the offseason
new niners but probably the same results
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