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"X factors" for the Seahawks game

X factor players/posistions today for the 49ers, IMO:

Delaine Walker: It seems when he is on the field we move the ball and when he touches the ball he gets 1st downs. I saw a stat that Mike Sando posted that we run ball best when we have a 2 tight end setup. LB 's can't cover Walker and when the teams put a CB or Safety on him and we run the ball, he does a good job of blocking them and has a size advantage. I hope Walker gets at least 20 snaps today if not closer to 30-40.

Dashon Goldson: Kind of a homecoming for Goldson who played his college ball at The University of Washington. Goldson was really the only guy on defense last week who had a poor game. For the most part Goldson has been a good player this season making some terrific tackles and we need him to be that player and he also needs to step up in coverage today as Hasselbeck loves throwing over the middle of the field and you know their tight end John Caralson will be getting a lot of balls thrown his way.

Our Pass rush: Ahmad Brooks continues to get more and more snaps but he hasn't really been looking all that great as he has been getting a lot of oppurtunties as our 3rd down pass rusher. This would be a great game and time for Brooks to come out and show he is the kind of playing a lot of people thought he would be coming out of Virginia and the player Mike Singletary keeps talking about. We also need another solid game out of Haralson and Lawson is solid as a rock and whatever he gives us in the pass rush department I consider a bonus because he plays the run and pass so well. Justin Smith and Ray McDonald also need to give us a nice pass rush on the D-Line.

Our Cornerbacks: Dre Bly, Shawntae Spencer, Tarrell Brown. Spencer has had a rough last couple of weeks and needs to get it together as he will likely be going up against T.J Housh. Bly who is coming of his first start and a very solid game will go up against the underrated Nate Burelson and you can be sure T Brown will be on the field a lot of as well.

Offensive Line: Isn't it every week? Im really looking at the Barry Sims vs Patrick Kerney matchup. Last year Kerney just dominated Sims in the 2 games but Sims was playing RT and Kerney was playing LDE and now Sims is back at his natural posistion of LT and Kerney is at RE and while he is still a solid player, he looks like he is starting to slow down. Adam Snyder vs Lawarence Jackson in a battle of two former Pac-10 guys will also be a big matchup for us. Chilo Rachal is coming of a solid game and I hope he can continue that.

Alex Smith: A homecoming for Smith as well who was born in Seattle. Again the key will be Alex getting some decent protection, we know he won't get great protection but if he can get decent protection I think he can come through for us and get the ball to our playmakers. Really big game today for the 49ers and Alex Smith.

Ill also this again, in the previous weeks I thought we had pass the ball to win and while today I hope we open up aggressive and spread the Seahawks out, we are going to need Frank Gore running the football today. Im talking at least 20 carries for 80 yards and I think if Gore gets a 100yds we win.

Big, big, BIG game today. Can we turn the corner and set up a big MNF matchup vs Arizona or are we still a team that can't get over that hump....
Very good post! I agree with pretty much everything.
With so many "X-factors" it's confirmed that a win is attributed to the whole team.
Originally posted by FourNine49:
With so many "X-factors" it's confirmed that a win is attributed to the whole team.

LOL, true, so Ill make it easy, 5 players who need to STEP UP today... Dashon Goldson, Ahmad Brooks, Shawntae Spencer, Barry Sims (I know he has stepped up and played well since he replaced Staley but we need a very solid game out of him today against Pat Kerney) and of course, Alex Smith.
Originally posted by Gelder:
Very good post! I agree with pretty much everything.

Good post Pat.
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