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Cohn-Singletary is a mensch

Mike Singletary is a mensch. "Mensch" means the essence of a person -- someone with integrity and honor.

I'm going to tell you what happened between us after the game but I'm going to leave the details vague because they were private between Singletary and me.

I was sitting in the front row center seat in the postgame interview room, as I always do.

When Singletary was done I sat in my seat reading over my notes. I felt someone sit next to me in the vacated room and when I looked it was Singletary. I was surprised.

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YAY! they kiss and made up
winning cures a lot of things
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I always thought a problem with Nolan was that he let his pride get in the way of doing the right thing. Singletary seems to understand that to build relationships, sometimes you have to do things that don't give you instant gratification. I was beginning to doubt him (due to a seeming lack of flexibility about an approach that didn't seem to be working), but after the philosophy change last week (and the victory didn't hurt) this news really cements my feeling that we have someone really special here in Coach Singletary!
Originally posted by FourNine49:
winning cures a lot of things

Yea, one win.

No, what happened was that one man simply asked another to listen. The one that listened became moved by the voice enough to warrant time and energy to portray the image of respect.

For Cohn to say what he did speaks volumes to Singletary's ability to communicate.

Let's take that one step further. Instead of communication with the media, let's talk about his abilty to communicate with his own team. Dang, Coach just pays attention. He knew about the grumblings after the GB loss and listened. He saw an opportunity for his QB and offensive captain to step up and take control of their team and it happened. Coach did it.

Everyone talks about Xs and Os and give no creedence to the fact that Singletary gained his knowledge of those same Xs and Os through his HOF career to the point that the very argument of Singletary's ignorance of schemes is laughable, like the NFL ad says, "I love them all as long as they work." Amen!

He had the ability to make this team take ownership of its own destiny this past Sunday in front of a home crowd. The players executed and took risks, consistently and successfully. Now it is time for his players to define themselves.

The entire season holds in the next three game balance where a simple word holds so much meaning: definition.

Cohn listened to Singletary's definition and Cohn respected it.

I think that is a step in the right direction for both! I certainly know how much of a story this truly is...Media VS the HC...seems like Singletary is learning quickly.

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