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The ACE Formation

The ACE Formation

We should run the ACE formation, which is the Colts' base offensive package:

1 RB
2 WR
1 TE

In normal situations, the Colts go with 3 WRs. In short yardage, they go with 2 TEs and 'flex' one of them in or out from the line.

The reason the Colts are so good at it is because Manning can read the defense and decide which way to 'flex'.

With VD and Walker, this would be perfect for us. We can option in or out of a run or create a mismatch for VD or Walker.

When executed, it looks very similar to the "Spread Option" offense ran by Alex Smith at Utah.

Perfect for our personnel...
Yes they just need more time in running the plays.
I think it's too late for this year but next year. If Vernon can turn into Mr. Reliable like --who's their TE --Dallas Clark.

Do it!
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