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Breakout Game for Crabtree

Called by Keyshawn Johnson this morning on ESPN.

Jacksonville has a very poor pass Defense as it is, but with Mathis out we would be foolish not to light Crabtree up all day.

According to, Jacksonville is 28th vs. #1 WRs and 29th vs. #2s. JAX allows 35% more yards per attempt vs. #1s than the NFL average.

I feel pretty confident that Crabtree will breakout, and I'm starting Crabs over Roddy White today.
Breakout of Crabs
HAhahahaaha you s**ttin' me? Any team with a woe takes comfort in facing us, so this will probably mean that 'No-name Bob' is going get a career 3 interceptions off of Alex Smith from deflections.
I predict a TD for Jason Hill, one for Crabs, and one for Davis.
Originally posted by Giggiddy:
Breakout of Crabs

not with this sory ass QB
Originally posted by King49er:
not with this sory ass line

Fix'd lol.
this again?
Originally posted by Giggiddy:
I predict a TD for Jason Hill, one for Crabs, and one for Davis.

So far you are right. Davis has his..........

we need to come out the same way the second half, don't let a bad team hang around, put a dagger in the heart.
ooops wrong thread.
The "breakout" for Crabtree will be when he stops dropping catchable balls. For a guy who supposedly never dropped passes in college, he's doing a great imitation of Vernon, or Jerry Rice his rookie season. Let's hope he ends that trend like Rice did too!
dropped pass by crabtree might hurt us

I guess not.
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