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HOF: Jerry Rice

HOF: Jerry Rice

Just a situational question too see how would you react if Jerry Rice was not inducted in the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.

I don't know about you guys but I would be pretty livid to tell you the truth and he should be a slam dunk for the HOF in 2010 right?

Go 49ers!
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Its been 5 (4?) years already?
I'm sorry, I can't even comprehend the idea of JR not being a first-ballot HOFer... my mind is turning itself inside out trying to wrap itself around that thought.
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We usually only get silly questions like this during the off season, what gives?
I know you're having fun with it, but come on. If ever there was a shoo-in!
If you don't mind a friendly suggestion, you should have named this thread with your question. I find the current thread title to be somewhat misleading.

I thought it was a discussion about Jerry Rice and his imminent induction into the HOF.

Frankly, I cannot even conceive of a scenario where he fails to get in - probably unanimously - on the first round.
It would be sweet if Roger goes in with Rice...
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Theres less than a 0 percent chance he wont get in
No chance of that happening.
No chance in hell he will make it into the HOF period. The guy is a scrub. Of course he will make it into the HOF as a first ballot inductee

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Canton Ohio will burn if Jerry isn't selected as a first ballot HOF'er

Its done, He`s already in....
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On the plus side we wouldn't have to share the day with Cowboy fans
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
It would be sweet if Roger goes in with Rice...

roger would've been a lock if he could've held on to the ball against the Giants. We would've been the only 3-peat
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