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Alex Smith's stats

Originally posted by excelsior:
Here are some more interesting stats: In the last 5 games - ones in which Alex played - his opponents were very good. Looking at how these teams played during this five week period, they have a combined win/loss record of 15-8. If we eliminate CHI, the team we beat, the other 4 teams we lost to have a 14-4 record.

Alex had to face some of the better teams in the league, and I think he has done remarkably well considering the opposition, his rustiness and our sub-par OL.

I am concerned a bit about his personality. He does need to become more confident and assertive. Success will help him in that area. The good thing is that Singletary and Raye both seem to recognize this and are working on it.

Good post! Agree with that there.
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Originally posted by GBNinerFan:
Originally posted by ZRF80:
Originally posted by GBNinerFan:
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Shotgun numbers are skewed bc we are usually down a whole lot when he is in shotgun and defenses are playing vanilla

All but 1 snap against GB was shotgun and there have been multiple credible sources state that GB WAS NOT playing vanilla defense. That being said, people always say "numbers don't lie" and the numbers say that Alex is more productive in the gun.

Numbers DO lie, because in those games, the opposition is sitting on a lead and is more determined to milk the clock than play the "time of possession" game. It doesnt necessarily mean that you're playing prevent, but lets be honest. If you're sitting on a 2 TD+ lead, you're not going to approach the game the same way as if you're down or even tied.

With that said, Alex has shown that even out of the SHOTGUN, or with time, he still is prone to make mistakes. He threw 2 costly INTs vs. the Titans (worst D in the league) to end it for us, both with ample time to throw. And he threw the game endig INT vs. the Texans, again with time to throw. He threw a costly INT vs. GB, again with ample time to throw.

I wonder what will happen when teams start to expect Alex in the Shotgun, and start playing the pass more than the run. You're telling me that Alex will all fo a sudden learn how to thread the needle and punish defenses accordingly ?

Well, I did say credible sources. No offense, but to me you're just another fan with an opinion, as we all are.

I don't remember the picks against the Titans, so i'll take your word on those. The one against the Texans though, it was 4th down, in our own territory with like 30 seconds left. He had to take a shot downfield and the defense knew it. The one against GB, he admitted throwing the ball too early, but don't you honestly think VD could have made a better effort?

And show me anybody that doesn't make mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately in Alex's case, he's made one too many. Hence, one reason behind the dismal state of the Niners.
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Originally posted by Sf49ers220:
Smith good in shotgun
smith bad under center

So we gotta run up the gut and wear down that defense. We will, "will" ourselves to win the game. Playing Fysical, we're gonna crush 'em! Taser time!

Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
Originally posted by ninerfan818:
LOL, I only count the wins. That is the stat most judge a QB by nowadays.

If that's the case, let's go sign Grossman, or get Dilfer back here! These guys had great winning seasons at a time.

I think it's safe to say it's a mix of both. You'd like to see that W from your QB, to go a long with 250+ YDs and 2 TDs.

If we had defense like that Ravens team and past Bears squads then your theory would work...But we don't so we need a Great signal caller, no?
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