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Now do you see how valuable Clements is?

I'd rather have him playing nickel over Brown. I still think Bly should start, even when Nate does come back.

Except for the AZ game. Nate has always played Fitz well.
No question that the defense misses him terribly. Big loss for us.
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Maybe if Simpletary had any kind of back up plan for PR, we'd still have him. You don't put a cb the caliber of NC on special teams.
best DB we have. plain and simple
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
I like Nate..especially against the run..
I thought bly should have been starting across from him all season. so now that he is in, if/when nate comes back I hope bly still starts.
A lot of guys wanted to bench him or cut him. Now they see...
I'm glad people finally see how valuable he really is. With Clements, Spencer Bly and Brown our cb's are great
Originally posted by znk916:
Originally posted by MadDog49er:
He's still a solid player, and I think AB can testify that the Niners would benefit only about $1 million this year if they released him.

Come back soon, Nate.

It's a no brainer then. I can't believe how our run defense has fallen off a cliff ever since he got hurt. We've always been stout up the middle, but we're getting absolutely gashed outside the tackles ever since he went down.

dead on
I have to admit I didn't think his absence would make such a difference. I can't wait until he is back on the field. The defense certainly could have used him last week against GB.

I think he is a great tackler and an asset to our run defense and that is why I think he
should be moved to strong safety. Our defensive problems lie within trying to pressure the QB and giving up 20, 30, 40 yards per screen play. That is a reason why we gave up so many yards to cutler and the bears. We lack an elite pass rusher and there for get caught bringing to many people to the QB.
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I agree, I think the defense misses him. He was great on run support and did a decent job in coverage. He has been missed and should be starting again when he comes back.
Originally posted by elguapo:
I'm glad people finally see how valuable he really is. With Clements, Spencer Bly and Brown our cb's are great

specer is not consistent enough he allows th big plays i would perfer if we would draft a CB to play number 2 next to clements
Where's Norwalks_Best?

Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
best DB we have. plain and simple
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