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Why do we keep going after linebackers

Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Meh, he'll go with either the Colts or Vikings before he even gets close to us.


Did you even read the article? The Browns will land him because they have the worst record, and waivers favor the team with the worst record.
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Originally posted by eddy99_1999:

Mike singletary need to consider and fast running back/ punt returner , enough with these damn linebackers ,

Because we run a 3-4 defense...McKillop was a steal last year and will pay off big-time when Spikes is done. We need some pass expect at least another one in the draft. My prediction is Brooks will emerge next year as a starter, so that'll help.
Because our OLBs suck which means we will take the tooth fairy if she can get to the QB.
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