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I see how you blame the last drive on the defense being tired from being on the field all day. Yet you don't blame them for not getting off the field. The gave up scores on 5 of the first 6 possessions. Was they tired coming out of the locker room as well?
All of you fighting over which side is to blame for the losses are wasting your time. Both sides have some glaring holes and the stats don't lie. The defense can't stop the pass because of poor secondary play and awful pass rush. The outstanding run defense is wearing down as well. That has nothing to do the deficiencies on offense. The offense still suffers from a combination of outdated useless head coach's philosophy, awful play calling, and putrid offensive line play. The stats don't lie. Number 2 in three and outs says it all. That has nothing to do with the defense. This roster needs some serious upgrading and I have a hard time seeing this front office getting it done.
being out there for that many plays on defense and we're ranked 22nd?!....not that bad!

sometimes u gotta look at the positive side of could b a lot worse!
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