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2010 Cap Outlook w/ a new CBA and a Cap in 2010

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Originally posted by 49wyztoscore:
Sign Dumervil. He was a 2nd day pick so I would forfiet that tender to get his ass.

That's if they offer him the lowest tender. There are three levels

1st is 1.01 million or 120 (maybe 110%) of his previous year's salary, whichever is gerater.

2nd level is the same salary plus right of first refusal. Any team that grabs him has to give up a pick equal to his original one.

3rd level the team offers $2.2 million. They get right of first refusal and any team who wants to grab him has to offer up a 1st rounder

4th level the team offers $2.8 million. They still get right of first refusal and any team that wants him has to give up a 1st and a 3rd.
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Originally posted by excelsior:
Wow! With that much cap room, the 49ers could buy a SB team. Jed better be ready to open his purse. The natives are getting restless. Taking out their pitchforks and sharpening the guillotine blade.

Thats the problem, his mommie wont let him.

Not sure i wanna spend crazy in this market, i see 8-12 potential franchised players.

Peppers, Sproles, Kampman, Franklin, A.Bryant, Vandcen Bosch, C.Rogers, Dunta Robinson, Wilfork, Hampton, Seymour and Atogwe. So thats 12,lol.

Plus the RFA's, like, D'Qwell Jackson, Dumervil, Dawan Landry, Leon Washington, Pierre Thomas, Jerious Norwood, Kolby Smith, Orton, Jason Campbell, Baas, Jahri Evans, Kirk Morrison, Marlin Jackson and Tramon Williams.

Somebody is going to get these top franchise players, if we have fifty plus million, then we must get some help. The draft choices that we've had hasn't worked very well in large. We just can't continue in rebuilding trough draft anymore. Got to get some outside help. This is where York's regime is soooo different than Eddie D's.

agreed, we could very well trade a 2010 1st and a 2011 3rd for peppers or someone else on that list.

Im sorry, but no way for choosing your logic here. It seems that trade would plummit our pick value.

I could see more of a trade with the Patriots if they were to resign Mankins. Then by offering our latter 1st for their earliest 2nd rounder and Mankins, to me it would be great. I could see it being quality for both teams. I would be ecstatic

I would love to get Mankins. My wish list is Mankins and Cribbs on our squad before the draft. My friend's that are die hard Pats say they don't see them resigning him so we'll see.
looking at the SC clements contract / play on the field and how we fare without him : he takes a paycut or we release him ASAT (and i don't care about how much cap room we have)
over $50M ! wow we could sign/extent the contract of a few guys
plus two first rounds ... ehehehehe
we're ready to in 2010
Just a heads up AB, T. Brown just got an extension. Good to see your still around. Thanks for the good work.
does anyone know how much cap space is available this 2009 season?
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