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I think I'm slowly starting to want to give Raye a chance

Originally posted by 190836:
How do you explain GB's first half?

Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Originally posted by 190836:
How do you explain GB's first half?

I get it........ the "spread" offense.
Very good post! We will see what happens over the next six games.
Originally posted by D_Niner:
Originally posted by 190836:
How do you explain GB's first half?

I'd say we got our asses handed to us. I'd also say that we made some nice 2nd half adjustments...

Is it too much to ask for to want those changes in the 2nd half, to be made in the 2nd qtr? Obviously both teams were only able to score FGs in the 1st qtr, then GB blew up with 17 pts in the 2nd qtr.
I'm some ways he hasn't been terrible. He knows to throw the ball to Vernon Davis. Something our previous OC's seemed to not understand. He doesn't have much to work with in relation to our O LINE. And our QB situation is still going through growing pains. Plus Crabtree is good but he missed lots of time and is still not fully up to speed.
Originally posted by HaiGuise:

best thread of the day lol
Sometimes I don't know whether it's Raye, or the fact that our offensive line is a piece of trash.

Regardless of whether or not Alex plays better out of the spread/shotgun (and if it's of his strengths) it's still no excuse that our o-line hasn't been able to handle/be prepared for most of the offensive formations in the NFL/Raye's playbook.

Seriously, this is the NFL, you can only get away with a gimmick offense like the Spread or wild-cat for so long. You need to be able to execute a balanced football scheme, which is why Chris Forester should really be the one on the chopping block here.

In all my years of watching football our o-line looks beyond abysmal. Their body mechanics/moves are practically pop-warner caliber, almost if they don't know what they're doing, it's really pitiful. The media really needs to address Sing that we need a new offensive line coach to not only fix the fundamentals of our line, but to help our GM pick the right guys for our system.
Interesting OP. Not sure I agree but who knows for sure.
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Originally posted by HaiGuise:

I disagree.

I'd rather see them fail in the spread then in the i-form set with absolutely no f**king creativity. Sorry to say, but Raye is the least creative O.C. we've had out of the bunch. We don't do any rollouts, barely any playactions, no off tackle runs, no misdirection routes... just nothing.

That has nothing to do with being in the spread, Raye is just not creative. IMO he sucks.
Originally posted by FourNine49:
First of all, I want to let it be known that since the beginning of the season, I have been on record saying that I don't like Raye for a multitude of reasons. He lacks imagination, predictable, late halftime adjustments- if any at all, hard headed with adjusting to the offensive personnel's strengths, etc. In fact, I find it odd that I am now taking this stance on Raye. Perhaps I am finally taking off my haterade shades.

Now most of the talk everywhere is how the Niners should go with the Spread Offense (although everyone has their own definition of it) because it is best suited for the weapons on this team. Smith and Crabtree did this kind of offense in college, Davis is the kind of TE that you can split wide out, Gore has shown he can run in the shotgun and is a great pass catcher, etc.

Well, it seems that Raye has been going into the Spread a little late in games, in fact, only going to it when we are down by a few scores (i.e. Texans, Packers). In some games, the close ones (Colts, Bears), it seems like he hasn't gone to the spread at all.

Now is the reasoning for all of this because he's just plain hard headed? Or is it because Raye knows something that the rest of us don't know? I personally think it's a couple of things:

1. Everything learned in TC was based on the premise that this was going to be a smashmouth, run-first offense. Therefore: completely changing the scheme would be difficult to do during the season – meaning it would have occur in slow steps (and it has, I gotta admit it)
2. The QB and #1 WR are different from the season opener (Both familiar with the Spread)
3. Raye is still learning what his players are capable of doing.

Now let's look back at the Titans game. Prior to this game, Smith HAD to go into the spread in the 2nd half of the Texans game being down 21, and had 1 start under his belt against the Colts. Aside from preseason, where he didn't show anything, Raye hadn't seen too much of Smith in game-time situations, but he still put it in Smith's hands to be in the Spread Offense in the beginning of the Titans game, and rightfully so because the Titans pass defense was horrid at that point. What happened? Smith had a turnover heavy game. A really bad game for him. I think at that point, Raye was a little reluctant to open it up in the beginning of the game like he did in that game.

The next game against the Bears, Smith throws a pick on a deep play, and then Raye turns the playcalling into super conservative mode. Then with the Packers, Raye was probably scared to go into the Spread because the Packers have an excellent secondary, but was forced to go into it when being down 3 scores.

So bottom line, do I think Raye is a complete idiot? No. I think he's "protecting" this young offense, because I really think we can be doing worse (we have been worse in recent years). Do I think what he’s doing is justified? Yes, to a certain degree. Do I think he can do better? Absolutely.

If Raye comes back next season as OC, I wouldn’t be surprised. No, the offense isn’t as good as it was last year with Martz, but it is better than what it was with Hostler and McCarthy (arguable vs. season with Norv as OC). If he was kept in next year, Singletary will have accomplished something Nolan never did: retain an OC for a second year. As crazy as it sounds, continuity might be what this team is missing.

The Tennessee game was about the worst time to go to the spread. They play some really funky defense that typically confuses QB's and they were getting two of their DB's back from injury. For lack of a better word this was a stupid play on Raye's part considering the Titans were very weak against the run. That is one game we should have pounded the rock.

It isn't that Raye lacks imagination, it's that he lacks strategy. GB was a team I thought it would be good to open with the spread because they would not have been expecting it.

Take the Jags game coming up. The 49ers should pound the rock harder than ever because it won't be what the Jags expect us to do. But I have a feeling we're going to come out passing. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
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Why does evereyone say it is hard to switch to a spread offense, if we have been doing it well every time we use it(2nd half), then if we use it the whole game it should work just as well.
that picture animation is funny as hell but is sick at the same time. Could not stop laughing.
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