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No leadership

Yeah I think this team is soft. We have no vocal leadership, no tough veteran lineman, nothing. Nobody who has been through the playoff battles like a Brian Dawkins or Ray Lewis. If there's one thing about Alex that pissed me off in the QB game, he was getting slammed to the turf and he didn't say anything to the OL. Steve would've ripped into those guys. If we had Derrick Deese he would've been pissed. Our OL is a bunch of softies. Rachal is softer than toilet paper, remember the Rams game when Singletary was like "am I going to have to knock Chilo out?!" on the sound FX sidelines thing where he's mic'd up? Staley's a decent player but he doesn't say anything, he's young, and Heitman's a vet and a good player but he's not a mauler or an intense vocal guy. Baas is pretty useless, and Snyder everyone knows is flat out awful.

On defense this team plays like they don't want to hit anyone. I remember watching the game, and we're getting our ass kicked, and everyone on this team is just trying crappy tackles and bouncing off of guys, or the OL is all on the sidelines with their heads down on the bench, or on the field after the play they don't do anything if one of the other team is messing with our guys. Chilo got punched in the neck or whatever in the bears game and he didn't even do anything back. The only guy who has some feistiness in him is TBrown, but he's not smart about it and gets penalties. The only veteran vocal guy we had on defense was Nate and now that he's out we got nothing.
P.Willis, give him some time, He will take that leadership role.
Originally posted by susweel:
I know Sing is a leader but he is the coach so his words only carry so far. We lack leadership from the players. Alex couldn't lead a girl scout team, Patrick is a great player however he is not a vocal type of leader. We need leaders like Ronnie Lott, Ray Lewis and Ken Norton Jr , Tim McDonland were good leaders. Guys that make sure everybody is playing up to a certain level.

The biggest problem with with our roster is that Nolan and McClueless loaded it up with a bunch of soft, yes men type of players (Nolan guys).

I think to be successful in the NFL you need to extrovert type of personalities. Guys that dont give a f**k, and even challenge coaches sometimes. Nice guys dont win games.

very astute!
I believe we do have leaders on the team, just not the ra-ra slap my own teammate leaders that you might like.

It depends on the type of leader you're looking for.

We have Jed YORKIE. He's a 27 year old Silver Spoon kid who was handed a $1 Billion Franchise because he needed something to do when he grew up. How can you say we have no leadership?
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Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
We need more DIVAS who say stuff like "throw me the damn ball."

We already got one of those, just give it a few years.

lol really thought both Vd, and Crabtree already have voice that they like playing in the spread. Give it another offseason and if we don't do 8-8 or playoffs i say can them all!
i definitely agree, we really need a guy to light a fire in these guys asses
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
We have Jed YORKIE. He's a 27 year old Silver Spoon kid who was handed a $1 Billion Franchise because he needed something to do when he grew up. How can you say we have no leadership?

But he seems to love this team. And that can't be said about his parents. Give the kid some time and i think he'll get us a superbowl. I wonder if he's thinking about bringing his uncle in as a consultant. Clearly wishful thinking, but let me dream!
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