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ALL Generation of 49er Fans(I wanna Cry)

Niner fan since '81 when they knocked the cowboys out of the playoff's, then went on to win thier first SB. They won so many games after that I was hooked for life. Its hard to say if I could have chose them as my team the last ten years, so I feel your pain. I can say that I know that this team is on the up swing and its just a matter of time before they return to dominance. Hang in there.......

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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
Demand better and don't buy any merchandise from the Yorks. Don't pay to see them

I've made the decision to not fly out for any more games until something changes. Its' bulls**t. I spent about 2K flying out to SF for the weekend and they lose to the titans?

Damn Syber that sucks. I know you're down here in SoCal with me but that's the chance you take when you go. I went to Arizona a few years back and we lost. Spent about $3-400.

I hear you guys. To mark my 20th year as a 9ers fans, I flew all the bloody way from Shanghai, China to see my first 9ers game earlier this year...only to be treated to the sh!t that was the Atlanta Falcons game. Talk about a bloody rip-off...

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