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Let's quit the 9ers now--who's with me?

Let's quit the 9ers now--who's with me?

I'm not quitting the team, but I usually just give up on football (all together) around this time of the year (when we lose contention) so I don't damage my health/go insane.

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Originally posted by 49faithful_sik:
In my conscious football time(started in 2003, i was 13)

thats when i really started paying attention behind the scenes, not just game days.

so if i put up with so much BS, losing seasons.

winning a game was like having a winning season.

why leave now, when things are a lot better.

i just hope my kids get a better 49ers team than i did, or High School is going to be a lot of S**t talking and making excuse like at least we're not the Raiders.

i feel for ya man, my conscious football time began in 2005 when i was 12
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Originally posted by HaiGuise:
Only way I quit the 9ers is if they move to LA.
Originally posted by DANADA:
I will die a NINER fan!!!!!!! maybe u should leave
If you wanna go...go. You don't get a thread.

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