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Are we playing to our OL strengths? What are their strengths? Or are they just.

really Garbage?

As good as everyone says Heittman is, he's the captain of the oline and so far his captaincy SUCKS.



We know our Oline is more porous than GB's, but we consistently have these long-developing pass plays. We need to start hitting the short passes (i.e. slants, outs, etc.). I feel like our QB's are constantly taking 5-7 step drops, which seems ridiculous considering how bad our line is... no adjustments on offense = fail.
garbage sums it up

31st at run blocking
29th in pass protection

KC is the only other team in the discussion for worst OL in the league, they are 32nd and 27th respectively.
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They're really good at eating steaks after the game.
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This line gets penetrated more often than Briana Banks.
Originally posted by Ether:
This line gets penetrated more often than Briana Banks.

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