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So many problems where to begin?

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This team has so many problems will our ownership do anything to fix any of it.

List of Problems
  1. A GM that hasn't found solutions to our main personal problems
  2. An Offensive Coordinator that has failed and been fired every where he has been. Yes, his last year with the Chiefs he was somewhat successful but 10 other years he was a failure.
  3. Having an underperforming or undertalented offensive line
  4. Lack of a pure pass rusher which is a must in a 3-4 defense
  5. A QB that can not only put a complete game together but one that can put a run of complete games together. Smith and Hill haven't.

It isn't even clear if ownership will even address the GM, OC, and Qb problems...ugh! It could be years before we reach the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl
Until Smith shows he can make the plays when everything else around him breaks down, he is nothing but a stand-in until next years draft (or Davis begins to show his worth). As Billick stated yesterday, great QB's make plays regardless of excuses or problems...they find a way to get it done.

That first -half by Smith was some of the worst football I have ever witnessed in my life. For Smith to pass for 5 yards is pitiful (I believe it was acutally -7 total passing yards with sacks). Also, the interception was ALL HIS. He had time to throw and threw a terrible pass, which effectively cost us a chance to win the game. The defense actually held GB to no points in the second half if you take away the interception and GB starting at our 20.


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There are many threads discussing these issues, please use those threads.
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