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We go an ? lol lol

We go out we bend right the F**k over,We go out 3 an out ,We go out and get burned down field an cant tackle,We go out to draft an we draft horrible,We go out for 8yrs an still play like sh*t this team is a nightmare. Good owners have good teams an thats the facts so now we are like the raiders,browns,lions cause this is what we have become as a organization all u fans stop sugar coating the Truth! I love the Niners but this is what it is
bye now
how bout u go out
cuz i aint understading your going out theory

Dang Kalen WTF?
I understand the frustration, just like you all do. It sucks to lose. It sucks to suck. It sucks to have a weak a** quarterback who was a wasted number one overall pick.

At least we still have Gore, VD, and Willis. FTW
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