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Go to and look at the Crabtree touchdown video.

Look at the 2, COUNT THEM NOW, 2 down lineman. Then the OLB not even in a legit pass rush stance. THAT is what you are seeing. If we didn't block that then give the job to practice squad player.

Why would the Packer, up 20 points, run the risk of draining the players after being up so much? If a horse is winning a race by 20 horse you don't break the horses back to make it look legit...

They played off rushing the QB. I give credit to Crabby and VD.

How many times can you say "oh he was bad the first half but LOOK HOW COULD HE WAS THE SECOND HALF!!!" Down 3 touchdowns...D E N I A L

He sucks. Lets tank. Get Eric Berry. Continue on.

lol another alex smith thread? wow
i can has a lock?

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I did as you said and yes there were 2 down lineman. It was a three man rush but what do you expect on 3rd and 20 with a lead? Then i also watched the vd td pass and gore td pass. The vd td pass was a 5 man rush with a blitz. The gore pass was a straight 4 man rush but a lineman was right in his face and again it was 4th down so what do you expect.

I mean i didnt break down the other plays in the second half but i think you blind hatred for smith is impairing your judgement a little bit. I mean I dont know if Alex's performance is impressive or not i would have to break down the entire second half and see exactly what defenses the packers were running. However your logic seems a little flaws from watching all 3 of his td's passes.
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i can has a lock?

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