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Why do people think that Shanahan/Holmgren want to come here

Everybody has been acting as if Shanahan or Holmgren would love to come here for 2010 as either a GM or coach. That we should fire Singletary because one of those two would JUMP at the opportunity to come to SF. Why? I would like some one to provide evidence that this would ever happen, and if you can, I'll shut up for good. I don't know if you're all just day-dreaming or what, but it's not going to happen. Give Sing time. This is his first year. He's not going to take us to the superbowl in his rookie year, and even playoffs would be a little bit of a stretch (hopefully not, but just saying). So everybody just needs to calm down.
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Why does everyone think they need to start a new thread about something they read in another thread?
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