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What makes it hur teven more!

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you are forgetting that NOLAN was the one who picked him.

wrong, it was McClueless who favored Smith. I read that McClueless knew and are friends with the Smith family.

It was Nolan's call

Mike McCarthy agreed.
ok folks..i think we need to stop it right here...cuz we aint got no time machine to turn back the hands of time..and prolly neither of them wouldve been a good QB for us ....we jst gotta leave it as is..cuz rodgers sat behind favre for 3 yrs...and smith was thrown into the fire...then again..we would never know how smith wouldve been if he sat for 3 yrs and has 1 point is...IT IS WHAT IT IS..we jst gotta move on and find another QB that can play and hold a clipboard till he's ready..that could be nate davis or someone else....
the only thing aaron rodgers proved,is that our defense is not good.
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Do you guys really think if we picked Aaron Rodgers he would of been successful? I doubt he would of. Alex came here with no talent around him. I am not defending Alex but Rodgers would be considered a bust if he was here. Rodgers has a solid receiving core and he was able to learn from one of the best.
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If you want to hype up Rodgers...go do it in NFL Talk.

If you want to complain about our "shoulda" "coulda" "woulda" draft it in the draft forum.

If you want to blame Alex...use the Search function and do it in the other threads. I assure you there are plenty.

And no...I won't let you have a "Blame Nolan" thread here. That's over.
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