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"smashmouth" vs "spread"

The 9ers most effective offense is out of the spread or shotgun formation but that doesn't mean it has to be this way most the time. Frank Gore still is our best football player. Frank needs touches too. On the other hand, Smith needs to learn to be a qb who can take snaps out of ANY formation. But I do agree, he absolutely is a different qb when slingin' it around the way he does. And this is by far the best weapons he has ever had in his tenure with us.
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like i said before....alex smith shows he can play but the coaches need to hand over the team to him and his style instead on waiting to fall behind 20 points to let Smith turn into a gunslinger.

If Smith had the 2nd half offense to play with every game i think he can really take off with an interception here or there but more experience will work them kinks out

We definitely need to use the spread more. The only time Smith ever looks good is in the spread. Why we continue to avoid using unless we are down by 20 is beyond me

seems to me smith has more time to throw when niners snap ball out of shot gun--maybe that is one reason why he looks better in spread offense
From the brainy decisions of the niners, if Sing and Raye were asked to start a fire, they would rub two jellyfish together.
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From the brainy decisions of the niners, if Sing and Raye were asked to start a fire, they would rub two jellyfish together.

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This team is TAILOR-MADE for the Spread.

Alex Smith - Heisman Finalist running the Spread offense at Utah.
Michael Crabtree - Two time Biletnikoff winner in the Spread offense at TT.
Josh Morgan - Tyrod Taylor and VT runs the Spread offense.
Adam Snyder, Joe Staley were Linemen in the Spread at Oregon and Central Michigan, respectively.

I dont understand why we're tryin to do something we're not built to do.

Damn...I totally agree. Were seeing this. There has to be a reason why SingRaye™ won't just let us be who we R?


I like that. Spreadcoast. lol
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It was no secret what Singletary wanted on offense prior to week 1. Bringing in Jimmy Raye validated his want. Brett Favre had a sub-par season last year in his system. This year at 40 years old Favre is competing for MVP because the talent he was given is being used. Alex Smith hasnt had the easiest NFL "upbringing" with so many personnel changes. I dont think he was given the shot to blossom. These past several games look at what made him shine. Our talent is outside with Davis, Crabtree, Morgan, and Gore is also a big threat through the air. Our line isnt even considered marginal, so how do you run smashmouth? I like Singletary's togetherness philosophy but im hoping his eyes are as open as the fans and realize something, it's time to throw the ball and open up the field.

very well put.. thank you
The only thing this team has been able to "Smash" is my hopes and dreams of watching the 9ers in the post season....
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