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POLL: Whose head will roll first at the end of the season?

POLL: Whose head will roll first at the end of the season?

They should all roll at the same time!!!!!
I think that all depends on how patient Jeb York is. Mike Singletary will NOT fire any of his coaches especially since it's only their first year with him. But ultimately, it will be Jebs call and what ever he says ... goes.

Personally I think that since it's beginning to look like the 49er's would do better as a passing team, they should obtain an OC who is well versed in the Passing Offense.

As you all know, Jimmy Raye is a Run oriented OC and even if he were to change his philosophy, I don't think that he's qualified or knowledgeable enough to make it truly successful.

With Crabtree, Davis, Morgan and a decent QB (whether it's Smith, Hill, Davis or somebody new), this team with the right OC could really put up some points.

Should Norv Turner become available as an OC, I would surely try and pick him up as well as Mike Holmgren as the GM. Between the two of them, they should be able to develop whatever QB remains and implement some great passing plays.
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Sullivan - so overated.
Originally posted by jimmythegreekjr:

could you edit your poll and add "none of the above" and "other"
i just think sing is loyal to his coaches and nobody will be fired
so here we go again for another year with the same people that made it a failure this year
Originally posted by Wubbie:
We won't get rid of Singletary. Unless we lose out on the remainder of the season, the players hate him, and he clashes with York and/or McCloughan... he'll be given that "First Year as a Coach" immunity because of team philosophy problems that need a season to get sorted out. (Example: He wanted to be a run-first team, but it's looking more and more like we need to be a pass-first team, which he'll switch to if we need to)

As much as Jimmy Raye is the Webzone's whipping boy, if we fire him, we get stuck with the problem of having a NEW OC next year who may or may not have the same offensive system. Hopefully we sort out what exactly is wrong with our team by the end of the offseason.

I imagine Foerster's gonna go though. This o-line has been ABYSMAL all year with a similar set of offensive linemen from previous years.

Honestly I think it would be best for Alex to have Raye again as bad as he is (RAYE) because he would finally have the same OC and system for 2 years in a row. That's when Urban Meyer told us he would really click. It's not likely to be Shaun Hill next year. I don't think Nate Davis will be ready even next year and he is somewhat overrated on this board. So it's somewhat likely Alex will start in 2010. Why not some continuity at Offensive Coordinator for the 1st time in his career? It's the only thing we haven't tried.

Clean house...start over, new GM, new head coach. I like Singletary, but I just don't think he has much to offer other than fire and brimstone. He would've benefitted from being a DC for a few seasons before becoming a head coach. His biggest shortfall is lack of offensive smarts...after all, he hired Jimmy Raye. His idea of offense is smash mouth's all he knows. McCloughan's made some good moves...and some not so good. You could say that about most GM's, but I do think it's time for a change, someone more dynamic. Once those two firings happen (not convinced either will, but both need to), the other position coaches will fall accordingly.
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