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In 2005 we drafted qb alex smith 1st in the draft. In 2005 Steve Young said this guy is a spread qb. The 9ners need to instantly switch to a spread. It took 5 years to do it.... Alex is my qb of choice, and still has plenty of proving to do.

Today we all hated smiths performance, in the first half. What 0-2..... now we go to a spread, 3 td's. Frank is great but our o line has no push on the rush. We need to now go balanced in the spread period. should have done it 5 years ago...

Raye was the 8th off. cord interviewed. Obviously, he was the first to cave in to sings Fisical aproach.... I love sing, but you better let your boy go, or your goin down with him!

Ill always bleed red and gold no matter how stupid the staff could be.
if it doesn't change then Sing must go.
Yeah Smith looked pretty good in the 28 out of 29 snaps in the 2nd half. Those were the ones he was in shot gun for. The one he wasn't....oh yeah that was an INT.
2nd behind the raiders ( I don't consider them an NFL team) so basically we are first in the league with 3 and outs!!! No defense can hold up all year when they don't get rested!!!!!'
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