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I think our defense misses Nate Clements More than anyone thinks

I wasn't too thrilled with him either.
This game today showed that Clements is a major factor on our defense and without him our CB's get exposed.

PSSSS Stop hating on how much he's making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think folks are forgetting they are also missing Walt Harris who outplayed everybody in the secondary last year. This team needs a major upgrade at safety . Still no big plays being made.
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Originally posted by LundyLove:
He is good in run support and he can tackle and the defense has definitely went down since his injury

and he wasn't half bad in coverage either

Totally Agree!
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I posted this same thing after the win vs Jax but nobody was feelin me then.

You guys do need to realize Clements is waaay more valubale than many think.
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