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Physical with an F

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f**k you with a PH!!! what kind of offense is this? we always move the ball very well whenever were down a few scores. we've lost 5-6 games by less than a TD. all the players know they are better suited for a spread offense but they try to sugar coat it so they dont start In-House problems. Smith especially in his presser after the game said it without saying it but i think he doesnt want another QB VS Coach controversy. Morgan said it. Crabtree said it. they have to spread it out!!! we scored more times than we've been stopped whenever we go into spread mode. stop being a stubborn dumb ass singletary/raye. even our horrible o-line doesnt look as bad in the spread offense. smith didnt have time to breathe let alone play QB in the first half

i like it man
that should be the quote of the year on the zone ...

Seriously dude quote of the year

Im so sick of singletary, he's trying to prove that were a running team but the offense keeps proving him wrong and we pay in losses for his stupidity. It's time for the niners to clean house. I'v always supported McCloughan but I dont want him to waste 2 high 1st round picks

thanks guys, remember this post when the quote of the year award comes around haha. im still pissed off and scared to see what kind of draft these geniuses are gonna have

i like it when you're pissed
very productive !
go on please
STAY THE COURSE. 1 yard and a cloud of dust. It's the singFRAUD way.
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We aren't physical on defense. Our DBs play 10 yards off and just let WRs fly right by them, untouched. Why don't they get up on the WRs and get them off their routes? The WRs look like track stars out there.
Singletary's mistake wasn't firing Martz...there's a reason he's not coaching anywhere this season. His mistake was hiring Raye...who apparently doesn't get 21st century offenses. Maybe it's even more Singletary...who hasn't shown any consistent ability to get past a smash-mouth football mentality. You have to play the cards you're dealt...and the strength of this team is the receivers. So, you must structure your offense to get maximum productivity from them. If it means playing more spread than conventional, then you do it. I get the feeling Raye's stuck in the 80's, and so, for the most part, is Singletary. It's a new age in the have to be able to throw the football, and Alex is our best QB to do that. But, you have to put him in an offense that plays to his strengths, which is getting the ball downfield. He's definitely got the receivers to catch them. None of that means we can't still run the ball effectively, either. If anything, a spread offense will likely get Gore into more open space. We need OL who can pass protect, but still be effective with the run. In short, if Alex is the guy, then put the team around him to succeed. If he's not, then you coach up Nate Davis so he can effectively compete for the job next year. Whichever way that goes, I'd like to see a head coach and OC who compliment the offense, not aggravate it.
Originally posted by B650:
We aren't physical on defense. Our DBs play 10 yards off and just let WRs fly right by them, untouched. Why don't they get up on the WRs and get them off their routes? The WRs look like track stars out there.

our DB's play to NOT give up the big play. They'd rather give up 10 yards all day than get burnt for a deep bomb. It's annoying as hell.
We all know what has to be done to make us effective. As a matter of fact, our two offensive schemes(one works, one does not) have been mentioned by every analyst, bay area sports writer, and web zone member. Singletary has no place to hide. The two schemes we talk about, Iform vs. spread show such glaring difference in effectiveness, it cant be overlooked. Its too late now, we're 4-6 and our fate lies on what other teams do from here on. But I beleive from here on in, Sing has to deliver what the whole niner world wants. We want to win, not prove we can just run. In any other organization, Sing loses his job. I just want him to learn a little sooner than later.
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