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Dukes and this Tom character give NO credit to comeback, "garbage time"

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Hooray for moral victories! No, but seriously, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the W, or the L in this case. I thought no one gave a rat's ass what Dukes said anyway.

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Why does anyone give a s**t what Jamie Dukes has to say about anything?
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Anyone have a link, I'm curious as to what Fran Charles said. He's always arguing and owning Jamie Dukes whenever they get in an argument.

i wish i did.. they probably wont even replay the segment, but Fran was saying Smith was 3-7 for 5yds but the GB D was all over it in the first half, then Dukes just starts cracking up. Then Fran says you have to give SF credit for coming back, and the way Smith played. Then Tom and Dukes say, "well GB went to a prevent, and it changes the way u play when ur up 20 in garbage time." then Fran makes all the sense and says, "how is it garbage time if its in the 3rd qt when SF is moving the ball and cutting the lead, if Manning were on the end then you guys would say how well he did, but since its Alex, your not giving him credit." then Dukes, looks lost and says, " well if Manning would have won the game, but we wouldnt give him credit if he lost.."

Thanks for the recap, I appreciate it.

The bolded part is very true. The 49ers were within 6 points with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, which on paper is plenty of time. Alex Smith doesnt receive credit because he was deemed as a bust, and now that he's showing he can actually play, no one is willing to give him praise except for the people with REAL football knowledge like Brian Billick.

We were within 5 earlier in the game until Smith handed it to them.

it was a post route that was on the money but the receiver never got his head around, i think it was Davis, and the def was there to make the pick. timing.
I saw this. Charles owned them on all points. Dukes acts like a fat little kid man its so annoying. And Charles was right...if this were Manning or Brady or even Rodgers for that matter it would be.."he almost got it...wonderful play, etc etc."

But ultimately its what in front of peoples eyes.
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