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49ers offensive positional status as I see it

QB: It depends. If we become a spread offense team, we have our QB, but need a backup. If not, we need to find someone else to start, but have a backup.

RB: Love Frank Gore, but it's time to find his eventual replacement. It's too bad we couldn't become a good team while Gore is/was in his prime

WR: I think we are set for a few years at least. Crabtree/Morgan are a good 1/2 combo, and Hill/Jones are good 3/4. We can take late round development guys for a couple years if we feel the need.

TE: Davis is solid, Walker is a good #2. I'm pleased

FB: Hit and Miss. I know Morris is Gore's best friend and all, but is he really as good of a lead blocker as he used to be? And if we go to the spread, we don't really need a true FB.

OT: We have one of two with Staley. Still need another, whether LT or RT.

OG: We need serious help here if we want to run the ball. We need to overhaul the OG position.

C: Were ok for now, but it will be time for a replacement soon, so might be time to start looking.
Most excellent review. OLINE and QB very vital to next year. RB is important someone who can actually truly be effective in the place of Gore; he is beginning to run down. Still effective though.

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Vernon Davis just said it. He wants to open up the offense to start the game, but he did mention that, "I'm not the offensive coordinator." The fans see it. The players see it. Too bad the coaches don't.

Anyway, if Smith was a starter for a full season, using his current stats, he'd end up with 3,680 yards passing, 32 TDs, and 24 INTs. That's similar to Manning's 1st year as a pro.

Crabtree would be on pace for about a 1,000-yard season.

Davis is on pace for 961 yards.

We clearly have some weapons. It's a matter of improving the OC and OL.
I'd also add a new O coordinator and Shanahan
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