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Too little too late...

This seems to be our theme this season. Get down by a huge deficit, then turn Alex Loose. It's obvious Smith can make plays, the thing is our coaching staff is stubborn as f**k. Why not come out with this game plan from the start. We NEED to use the spread the whole game.

I'm sick of seeing this adjustments after the game is all but put away, only for us to come back but not close the game out with a W.

I'm not done with Smith. When he is used properly, he can get it done. Coaches need to realize this.

I don't know, maybe go into the game with the mentality that you're already down by 20?

These losses to me hurt more than blowouts, because we were so close to tasting victory. 1st houston, then indy, now this?

I'm sick of it. Jed needs to be a man of his words, and hold his head coach accountable if we don't make the playoffs. Take that how u want to, but there are other Super Bowl winning coaches (Gruden, Cohwer, Shannahan, Holmgren) that I'm sure would love to get back into coaching..

That's my rant... this team hurts to watch...and i don't blame the players (smith included)

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I hear you man, but Alex Smith needs to learn how to read the coverages from under center. That is the only part of his game that is holding him and the team back at this point. His growth is great to see, a little slow for me but none the less it is a positive. I still say draft a QB to at least give Smith some competition and not make him the incumbent. Let whomever wins the job earn it.

We have nothing to lose at this juncture so Caoch Sing might as well go wtih what works right now as I think we may be out of playoff contention. Sing, don't be stubborn at least entertain the viewers and fans going forward.

it's been this way for few weeks and it just gets me
i know man it was almost an exact replica of the houston game
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