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The SF now officially stands for "Suckie Franchise"

I am so sick of the ineptitude of the offense, I mean it is holding back this franchise. I am officially of the Singletary bandwagon. I WANT A NEW HEAD COACH THIS OF SEASON. This team seams to be regressing as the season goes on. I don't see the passion and fire like I did at the start of the season. Our offense has been down right offensive to Niner fans.

Jed, the ball is in your court right now as owner. Take charge of this franchise and do what is right. This team needs a leader who can get the guys pointed in the right direction. Coach Sing may be a good motivator but he is lacking in the x's and o's. You know, I am as much as an optimist as the other guy but what I am witnessing leaves much doubt as to the direction of this franchise. Our QB's are horrible, coupled with the OLINE being atrocious. Sloppy tackling is killing the defense nowadays when will this listless farce of season turn around.

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boo hoo
Jesus this is almost like a game. Dude, you're a dumbass. Quit over-reacting.
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