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Who's more exited about this game than other?

For some reason I have a good feeling about this game..Im really looking forward to it. any one else?
  • mayo49
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I think we're going to blow thiem out.
I just hope we eliminate all turnovers and move the ball effectively. Not worried about the defense unless turnovers give GB short field.
yeah, i am. Mainly cause i will always love to beat our....2nd biggest rival.

hmm Mmm, Dallas being our first..
I think thats what it is. Ive hated green bay since i can remember then beating us my whole childhood (95-till present pretty much) but yeah i live in dallas and you would not believe these people and the cowboys I hate turning on my local sports new or radio . So Dallas is def. the number 1 team id love to beat the crap out of . but the packers are a close 2nd to me
Feels almost like a playoff atmosphere to me, cuz this one's huge in the wildcard race and to keep pace w/ AZ. I'm excited!!!! GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last time I was this excited about a game this year we got destroyed by the Falcons...

Gotta eliminate turnovers and get to Rodgers.
if we start losing, then i'll be exited out of the livingroom.
  • krizay
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If this offense looks as bad as it has to this point. I may be exited by half time.
  • mayo49
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This game will be on Alex. How he goes so goes the team.
  • Ang
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