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Which 49ers nemesis do you hate the most?

Which 49ers nemesis do you hate the most?

I hate everybody and everything.
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Brett Favre, and it's not even close.
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Why is that team from Texas, only a nemesis for 3 yrs. Are you kidding me. I hate them and have since 1970 almost as much as I despise that team in Blue from south of my city.
everybody on that list except joe..will never hate him
JOSE CORTEZ!!!! He is the only person that I actually grimace when I say or hear his name.
1983: Redskins 24, 49ers 21

After the 49ers overcame a 21-0 deficit in the fourth quarter, two controversial penalties against San Francisco led to Redskins kicker Mark Moseley overcoming an awful day and making the winning field goal.

After Moseley missed his fourth field goal of the day, a 41 yarder, wide receiver Freddie Solomon scored on a 76-yard touchdown pass from quarteback Joe Montana.

With 7:08 remaining, Wilson tied the game, 21-21 with a 12-yard touchdown reception.

The Redskins then marched on a 13-play, 78-yard drive that took 6:12 off the clock and set up Moseley's game-winning 25-yard field goal with 40 seconds left.

This possession was aided by two controversial penalties:

First, on second-and-10 on the San Francisco 45, Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann threw a long incompletion intended for Art Monk but cornerback Eric Wright was called for pass interference at the 18-yard line; nobody had a reasonable chance to catch the ball, which, under the rule, would have nullified any pass interference penalty.

Then, on third-and-5 from the San Francisco 13, Ronnie Lott was called for holding on what seemed to be a harmless act with receiver Charlie Brown far away from where the pass fell incomplete.
early 90s cowboys
Man this is tough. My earliest memory of me despising another team would be the 1990 Giants when they kicked us out of the playoffs with a field goal I believe.

Then came the Cowgirls.

I despise the Cowgirls the most.
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early 90s cowboys

x 2

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he hates Bret Favre so much he is on the list twice

sorry to correct but he is three times in fact
if you ask me which team do you hate the most thru the years :
which individual ?
phil sims (although he had not our number but i don't like him period)
John York
its teams who have more than once denied the Niners another ring. So Dallas, Green Bay and New York come to mind. The 49ers easily could have won 10 Titles if it weren't for those teams
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