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Blame Alex thread

Originally posted by SJniner7:
Well, we do need some of our WRs to start making some plays. That is probably my only argument for Smith. If you watch the good QBs in the league right now (manning, brady, etc.), their WR's consistently make good plays. By catching almost anything in their vicinity, it makes the QB look great and severely impacts things such as stats and overall performance.

Crabtree is beginning to show the ability to make those difficult catches, and Vernon is finally getting some good hands as well. I am still skeptical of Morgan, as I feel his "catching range" is much closer to the numbers than the others.

After watching the Sunday night game, I noticed this. Manning and Brady make some great throws, and some very mediocre throws. The WRs will catch the great throws, obviously, and most of the mediocre throws. AS still needs to work on his accuracy, and timing with the WRs.

I really hope he shows me wrong, in that I do not believe he will be the starter next year because starting from square one with another QB will just be too painful.

Agree with this.
It's Mark Roman's fault. That fail against the Vikings will be Luke the 2006 fail on fourth and short against the Rams. That fail buy Roman could gave been a turn around for the season and possibly this franchise. Ohwait, then Smuth would never have started...nevermind.
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That play vs Minnesota wasn't even Mark Romans fault. They were in a soft quarters defense and the receiver that caught it was the backside #2 receiver. Mike Lewis has to carry that.
I smell more Alexcuses... hmmmm
Originally posted by elguapo:
it seems to me like a lot of people and the media love playing the blame game. I wish more people actually used/had logic when assessing who is to blame at the qb position when a qb's performance is bad.

A lot of people will say Alex Smith is a bust....well....have those same people analyzed why he may have done poorly. Also, if Smith is a bust, then i guess so are many other qb's that are on great teams that cover up for how bad they really are. Take for instance Cutler. Good qb on the broncos....right??? WRONG. he had 2 great wr's and arguably the best OL in football not to mention a great OC. He goes to the bears and is Horrible, and Orton is a bad qb and goes to the broncos and is doing great. Well i think both are not good qb's, and i wish people could just admit it instead of saying....well that wasn't really his fault....the blame game. Here are some of the best excuses:

He forced it in
his pass blocking wasn't great
he had no time to throw,
he has no weapons,
bad play calling,
the wr ran the wrong route,
the wr did not come back to make a play on the ball.

While some of these excuses ARE valid, you CAN blame the qb for a poor decision. Like Cutler so many times, or even Favre so many times or whoever.

That being said, Alex Smith is not a very good qb but many qb's that are not great like him become great with help (O line, good wr's, time to throw, good rb's) and he is certainly one of those qb's.

How many of you are sick of people blaming other things than the problem itself....the QB play? I am. That being said how many of you think with HELP, Smith will be a very good qb? I do. Some qb's don't need much help and are great (Manning, Brees and Brady come to mind).

not having a true number one wr. like hester was a cb in college and mainly a return man. Now he's fast but i think he's a number 2 wr at best.
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If the 49ers will be lose game then i will blame the Defense got nope sacks with QB Or Mark Roman is still suck but he is improving too well.. wait and see on sunday.. let's kick asss the GB! Way to go 49ers!
Originally posted by BuZzB28:
If the 49ers will be lose game then i will blame the Defense got nope sacks with QB Or Mark Roman is still suck but he is improving too well.. wait and see on sunday.. let's kick asss the GB! Way to go 49ers!

i'm more about worry the offence rather then defence.. dont cha think?
Originally posted by bayarealuv:
Originally posted by BuZzB28:
If the 49ers will be lose game then i will blame the Defense got nope sacks with QB Or Mark Roman is still suck but he is improving too well.. wait and see on sunday.. let's kick asss the GB! Way to go 49ers!

i'm more about worry the offence rather then defence.. dont cha think?

hmm.. ok if the offensive are have far the 230 to 300 yards and suppose to be lose if the defense didn't make it then i'm more about worry the DLine got nope sacks with QB.. or Roman is still suck anyway.. Roman is still improve that finally last thursday game vs bears..
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Originally posted by bigmike55:
I smell more Alexcuses... hmmmm

I smell someone who rode on the short bus!

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Alex has the tools but his main flaw is decision making. In my opinion that's what makes great QBs great. At this level they can all throw the ball well, it's their understanding of the game and what they defense is trying to do that sets the Mannings and the Bradys apart.

Most quarterbacks only get time to look at 1 or 2 reads but the good ones know which 1 or 2 reads will be open before they snap the ball.

If you want to see a TRUE quarterback BUST look at the team across the bay and you will find him.

Alex is no where near a bust, his play right now is just average. The man does need some serious confidence boosting. When i see him play and throw a pick you can tell in his eyes that his confidence goes even lower.
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This is exactly what I was afraid of. We got our asses handed to us in the first half. That was the "real" 49ers squad. Inept on the offensive front with a defense trying its best to hang in the game. Alex Smith played atrocious. It was a tell tale of how this season has gone for us, and in the case of Alex Smith.......confirmed our suspicions that he's the same ole bust that he's always been.

But then GB got soft. They let off the aggression. The Niners became desperate (as we do in games where we're blown out by halftime) and started airing it out. All of a sudden, Alex looks like a hero. Attention is diverted away to OFF-FIELD issues (eg playcalling, coaching) instead of the garbage that is being displayed on the field.

Now..............even though we lost this game in the first half.........everyone is touting a MORAL VICTORY. No longer is Alex the bust that he's been since he became starter this season, but rather the unsung hero who brought his team back from extinction. Yeah, Ive seen this movie before.......try San Diego and Philadelphia 2006........where we were blown out by halftime + a piss poor performance by Smith, only to have him pad his stats against loose defenses in the 2nd half. End result = blind supporters flashing the "I love Alex Smith" badge and asking for his jersey to be retired next to Montana's.

And now we come full circle. Again, Alex comes up short in the first half. Niners get put out of the game. GB backs off in the 2nd....Alex gets a chance to open it up a bit (we'll forget the INT that led to GB's TD of course), and now we're shouting for a contract extension. Go Alex ! We know you're capable of "almost" winning it, and we'll ignore that you're one of the main reasons behind the loss to begin with.

Im sick of this s**t. There is no such thing as "moral" victories when you've been rebuilding for 7 years. There's no such thing as "moral" victories when your 1st round daft pick QB gets outshined by one who has a worse oline and supporting cast. And there's no "moral" victory with fans that find every damn excuse in the book to forgive their lame QB, who is ridiculed (watch highlights on NFL Network) by every major media outlet, but think they have a diamond in the rough that needs only a probowl RB, 2 probowl WRs, and 3/5 probowl OLinemen to showcase his REAL skills.

I really do wish that we would have lost, so we could finally start accepting the truth, instead of pretending that Alex will be a star if we use the spread offense. Yeah, like teams wont prepare for that. And then what, when we cant even get a completion with the spread ? Are we finally going to accept Alex as the bust that he is ? Oh no. We'll probably blame Raye or the oline as we always do.

PS - That INT wasnt Alex's fault. It was tipped by the leaf that was blowing in the wind.
I would expect a thread like this from you
Can't pin this one on Smith. But can't be the Z without a thread to pin it on Smith after every lost. Nice try though.
I don't know what game you were watching in the second half, but the Packers defense wasn't "soft", as you put it. That was Alex Smith and the 49ers inept offense driving down the field picking up first downs and putting up points.

What needs to be done is starting out fast and not coming out being 20 points down. Alex isn't the problem. It's the whole team, coaches included.
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