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The Game Of Smith's Career?

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why is it that every game becomes the game of Smith's career? None of these games are the game of his career, but collectivly they are what will decide happens to him for next year

Its the game of his career for the zone. I'm serious man this place will melt down completely if Smith falters and we lose. It will melt down even if he has a decent game and we lose.

Nothing good will come out of this game for the zone unless we win 55-0 and Smith has 400 yards passing, 4 TDs, and has a 90% completion rating and a 158.3 QB rating.

It will melt down if he plays decent and we win. It will melt down if he lights it up and we win. I have realized that here in Niner Talk no matter what Smith does he is always wrong.

The "sky is falling" people will always be here, even after a win. The critics like myself that think this team could turn it around, but are not close to that yet will still be critics until we see players that have historically struggled, finally doing a good job for 60 minutes, every single week for several weeks in a row.

Some of the elite QB's in the league can't even do this. Everyone has off days where they struggle. then again elite QB's tend to have an OLine that can block

You get what I'm saying though...over many games you can see what a guy can do, and what he can't. Overall you have to have a lot more good than bad, and you have to be the guy to drive the team down for a win in crunch time. If Smith's overall resume fit that description, there would not have been open competition for starter the last two seasons.

Smith was injured the last 2 seasons so yes there would be a QB competition. Yes I get what you are saying but again people don't take into account things like the OLine and predictable play calling.

He was healthy in training camp & preseason this year. If he had played better, he would have beat out Hill for starter. If Hill somehow managed to be for real, Smith would be sitting on the bench a long time, or prehaps go somewhere else. So right now, once again he is starter by default. They even made him restructure his contract for less money if he wanted to stay on the team. All signs point to doubt, and major uncertainty if he can get it done as starter. Reality.
Hopefully he doesn't crash and burn under pressure like he usually does.
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