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How Far Are We From the Top


we are far very far. 2 o-lineman, 1 d lineman, 2 cb's, 1 safety. a qb. far.
If 10 is top, and 1 is bottom...I'm going to guess they are about a 5. They have a pretty good defense, and very bad offense. That kind of balances them out as another struggling middle of the pack team.
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We are one top tier quarterback away from being a consistent playoff team.

We are that plus 2 guards, one tackle, one pass rusher, one safety and one kick returner away from being a consistent Super Bowl contender.
Originally posted by BigRon:
Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
We are two offensive lineman and one pass rusher away from being a top team.


add one complementary back to Gore and I agree.

Add a QB, a shut down corner, a new OC and you get the idea. This team still is very far from contending.
As long as Scot is running things, the Niners will be far from the top.
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