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How Far Are We From the Top

We are 5 wins away from the top. Nuff said.
I appreciate all of your replies, they hit most of the personnel problems. My take is even if we got these pieces we still would not know what to do with them. Without changes in the OC, (Raye), the OL coach (Foerster) and the WR coach (Sullivan) we would still fall way short. My verdict on the HC is still on hold. They have shown no ability to coach players up, sad but true. I would be glad to post the stats on their previous records with other teams to show you the reality. I have a feeling McCougless feels the same way about position coaches and coordinators as he does about offensive guards.
we need an elite qb & a better oline & we're good. look at what we've done without it & imagine how it would be if we had it.
It's a long way to the top, if you want to rock 'n' roll
Well the one thing we don't need is QB.

We're all set there. Alex Smith is like Dan Marino, Joe Montana and John Elway all rolled up into one.

I'm surprised he's not making over $20M per year.
Originally posted by RonMexico:
Originally posted by RonMexico:
We are slightly closer to the bottom than the top. Sadly.
Very far.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Very far.

knew i couldn't on you for a solid dose of negativity lol...i think we're in the middle..good D and an offense that lacks an o-line, better qb play, playcalling..we're just getting by with what we have

Just like every other team in the NFL, we are a great quarterback away from being as good as those teams you mentioned who all have great quarterbacks.
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We aren't that far away but in terms of this season, we're very far away. In my opinion we need a RT, a play-making defender (pass rusher or safety), and an off-season of continuity to be near the top. We have a surprising amount of the pieces in place, but we can't expect a young team to become a playoff team over-night. With our two first round picks in the upcoming Draft I'd say the future looks very very bright for the 49ers
2 games from AZ and the division.
Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
We are two offensive lineman and one pass rusher away from being a top team.


From being a top team no. Maybe from being an OK team. To be a top team we need a QB also.
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