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Is anyone here surprised Bruce is being phased out?

I guess I'm the only one but I am surprised. It's not to say that I didn't expect Morgan and Crabtree's emergence to impact him, because I certainly did. It's just that I felt he really had a decent season with a bad passing team last year. I felt he would be a great veteran presence that could make some crucial grabs during the year. Nothing spectacular, but solid contribution. It seems like he's aged 10 years between last year and this year. I can still remember him streaking down the field on that 50 yard bomb O'Sullivan threw to him in one of our first games last season.

Don't know where that guy went but I guess he really showed his age this year. It's a sad thing. He's a class act hall of famer.

That being said, I definitely feel it was time to demote him. We've got budding talent that needs to be out there making plays.
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Originally posted by VA49er:
I'm surprised it took so long.
Well he just turned 37 on the 10th. If the rams let you go you must be out of gas.
One has to wonder if he hasn't checked out knowing it is his last year no matter what he decides to do be it retire or go to another team.
This is just another move made by the team to get younger guys playing and developing their talent so we can get back to winning.
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Originally posted by Bejaard49er:
One has to wonder if he hasn't checked out knowing it is his last year no matter what he decides to do be it retire or go to another team.

I think he has. Last couple of games with him in it he seemed to me to not be mentally there. He was ready to retire last year and we asked him to come back for one more year.
Surprised it took so long
I'm surprised it took a dense coach this long to figure it out. I'm equally surprised that same stupid coach can't see that Jason Hill has talent. What has Morgan ever done? A PRESEASON TIGER. That's what he is. Always tipping the ball up into the air for the interception and dropping the ball in the regular season.
I have no faith in Sullivans ability to coach up wrs. Every year they have guys that need to get on the feild and for what ever reason he holds them back. I would really like to see the team move in a different direction than Sullivan.
Originally posted by susweel:
I'm surprised it took this long.

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When your 37 and 21 amd 22 year olds are nipping at your feet, what do you expect?
Better players than he have been cut, replaced or bench by other teams, it just takes our team a little longer to figure some things out.
Originally posted by Gelder:
Morgan needs to step it up now.

Yes he does.
His age
His contract
The players around him

It was inevitable. If Crabtree didn't hold-out it would have happened sooner.
No, to answer the question as long as our youngins stepped up and it looks like they have done enough to do so.

For Morgan to jump over Jones, Battle and Hill says volumes to his determination especially with Hill who has just as strong a work ethic. That only bodes well for us, seriously. When Alex and Crabtree start that trust-connection, then Morgan and Hill will be able to excel while Crabs get doubled...eventually.

Morgan has already shown that he can deliver...he just needs to do it consistently.

Bruce was always a stop-gap resource and God bless him. An once enemy, contributing to the future of his can't get better drama than that, folks!!!!

Go Niners!!!
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